Thursday, February 25, 2021

The UK's Exercise Cygnus of 2016, Another 201 - February 25th, 2021

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Exercise Cygnus was a pandemic exercise held in the U.K in 2016. Exercise Cygnus = 201 Reverse Ordinal, the number of "The Jesuit Order". It also reminds of Event 201, another pandemic simulation that happened the same day as the Military World Games in Wuhan, China, a short time before the supposed coronavirus outbreak.

What was Exercise Cygnus and what did it find? | World news | The Guardian

Exercise Cygnus - Wikipedia

The exercise is said to have lasted for "three" days.

Three = 56 English Ordinal, and of course the mainstream media brought this pandemic simulation up at the beginning of the "Coronavirus" = 56 Full Reduction outbreak.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Future's "Purple Reign" Mixtape, The Same Year Prince Died, Who Released The Infamous Album "Purple Rain" - February 24th, 2021

Would it at all surprise you that the rapper Future released a mixtape titled "Purple Reign" the same year that Prince died, the man who released the album "Purple Rain" in 1984?

Purple Reign = 57 Reverse Reduction. Prince died at 57.

Prince Dead: Singer Dies at 57 | Billboard | Billboard

Not only was he born in '58, but he was in his 58th year of life at the time of his death. 

Purple Rain = 58 Full Reduction. 

Future was born 11/20/1983, 201 days before Prince's 6/7/1984 birthday.

The first release of Future's Purple Reign was 1/17/2016, 308 days from Future's 11/20/2016 birthday. Rapper = 38. Prince = 38

Purple Reign - Wikipedia

Future (rapper) - Wikipedia

Purple Reign was Future's 16th Mixtape. 16 is the product of 4x4, and the 1/17/2016 release was exactly 44 weeks from his upcoming 11/20/2016 birthday. Kill = 44 English Ordinal.

Future (rapper) - Wikipedia

From Prince's death date on 4/21/2016 to Future's 11/20/2016 birthday was 214 days, the reflecion of 4/21.

The first release of Future's Purple Reign on 1/17/2016 was 4 Months 21 Days before Prince's 6/7/2016 birthday, who died on 4/21/2016. Coincidence? I think you would have to be braindead to think so.

I find it interesting that he was reported to have overdosed on "Fentanyl". Look at the Gematria values of "Fentanyl" side by side with "Prince".

Future's Purple Reign re-released 4/16/2020, 5 days before Prince's death anniversary. Must be a coincidence, right?

Future (rapper) - Wikipedia

This re-release was 7 Months 4 Days before Future's 11/20/2020 birthday. Rapper = 74.

When you include the end date, the re-release on 4/16/2020 to Prince's death anniversary on 4/21/2020 was 6 days.

Purple Rain was Prince's 6th Studio Album.

Purple Rain (album) - Wikipedia

Prince's "Purple Rain" released 6/25/1984. That date can be written 25/6, which has a square root of 16, and he died just days after Future released his 16th mixtape, "Purple Reign".

Purple Rain (album) - Wikipedia

Purple Reign - Wikipedia

In the Jewish cipher, Prince = 197, the 45th Prime.

There was also a "Purple Rain" film, if you weren't aware.

In the film, Prince plays the role of "The Kid" = 57 English Ordinal.

Purple Rain (film) - Wikipedia

"The Kid" = 33 Reverse Reduction, and the film released 7/27/1984, 33 Days after the "Purple Rain" album released on 6/25/2016.

Friday, February 12, 2021

Bothell High School's "Rape Squad" Incident(s) of 2019 - February 11th, 2021

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I remember in 2019 when I was still in middle school. It was around springtime that year that I heard there was some funky stuff going down at my local high school, Bothell (that I now attend). I decided to revisit the stories and observe them through the lens of Gematria. Here's what I found:

Before we start, here is the source I found addressing the topic. Feel free to follow along, as it will likely be the only way you can understand the decode(s) I will present in context:

The Seattle Times - ‘Disturbing’ allegations about Bothell High football players, but no criminal charges – The Seattle Times

Also before starting, notice the Reverse Ordinal value of "The Society of Jesus" in correlation to "The Seattle Times". Very obvious who is behind the Seattle Times.

Let's begin.

The article starts by emphasizing the word "Disturbing" = 51 Full Reduction.  

The entire focus of the article is on "Rape Squad" = 51 Reverse Reduction.

There were allegations in April 2019, but following this, there were new allegations in August 2019 following the Summer Football Camp called "Camp Bothellhood" = 68 Full Reduction. Notice how this compares to the date numerology of August 21st, 2019, the day the camp started.

Notice how it is then mentioned that Garrett Ware, the man who handled both investigations, closed the second case on September 20th, 2019, ANOTHER date with 68 numerology.

Take another look at this date. Notice how it's the day leaving 102 days left in the year, corresponding with the English Ordinal value of "Rape Squad". Regarding the 263, it is the 56th prime. Keep reading to see why that's so important.

The cop's last name "Ware" = 47 English Ordinal, and he closed the case because the "students viewed the activity as 'horseplay' and that some of the alleged victims had even jokingly reciprocated. "Horseplay" = 47 Full Reduction, and of course this all happened in "Bothell" = 74 English Ordinal, the reflection, which is on the 47th Parallel N. "Bothell High School" = 74 Reverse Reduction as well.

The next person mentioned in the article is a woman by the name of "Lisa Hall" = 74 English Ordinal.

It is then mentioned how similar the situation(s) were to one that took place at Juanita High School in 2014, where "poking in the buttocks was a longstanding football culture known as a 'Jubie' least four freshman players pleaded guilty to assaulting a developmentally disabled team manager with a broomstick." 
"Jubie" = 47 English Ordinal
"Juanita Rebels" = 47 Full Reduction. It also sums to 214 in Reverse Ordinal, like how this supposedly went down at the high school in 2(0)14.

Also look at the 88 connections between "Bothell High School" and "Juanita Rebels" regarding how they had similar "sexual harassment" scandals take place.

Notice how the article highlights "developmentally disabled team manager" = 137 Full Reduction, like "Juanita Rebels" = 137 English Ordinal.

*Side Note* Juanita High School recently changed it's mascot from the Rebels to the Ravens.

The next emphasized statement in the article is "inappropriately touching" = 122 Reverse Reduction, like "BHS Cougs" = 122 Reverse Ordinal.

The student talked to Officer Ware on March 12th, a day written 12/3. "Disturbing" = 123 English Ordinal.

Look how many 3's are in the next few paragraphs.

"...later told Ware about an unnamed THIRD co-worker, a freshman on the C-Squad team..."
C is the THIRD letter

"On April 3RD, THREE weeks after the senior's initial complaint..."

If you missed at the beginning of the article, 5 sentences in, "Records show THREE players..."

That's a lot of 3's. Probably because when you write out "Three" = 56 English Ordinal, along with "April" = 56 English Ordinal, when the first "Rape Squad" scandal ended.

"The next day, the former player confirmed the 'Rape Squad' name, claiming 10 TO 15 players were on it at any given time..."

Emphasis on 115, as "Bothell" = 115.

The article then mentions how there were four "Ringleaders" = 68 Reverse Reduction like "Rape" = 68 Reverse Ordinal.

The principal's name "Juan Price" = 56 Reverse Reduction, along with the athletic director's name, "Yonni Mills" = 56.

Something that I should've brought up earlier is how the date this article released on, October 27th, 2019, was a date with 56 numerology, and the date it was edited on, February 26th, 2020, had 68 numerology, connecting back to all of the 68's mentioned earlier.

For some more examples of 3:

"One player told police that the buttocks-poking happened 'all THREE years he has been playing BHS football' as part of its 'football culture' and 'goofing around...'"

(Goofing Around = 74 Full Reduction)

"In September, Ware later interviewed THREE students who had been poked..."

"In his official police statement, the player described being poked between the buttocks without consent on THREE separate occasions..."

"Ware's report shows the mother of two alleged victims immediately declined to press charges, while another waited THREE additional days..."

If you combine the two last quotes together to form a sentence, it sums to 263 Full Reduction, the 56th Prime.

If you made it this far, thank you a lot for taking the time to read.

The UK's Exercise Cygnus of 2016, Another 201 - February 25th, 2021

Exercise Cygnus was a pandemic exercise held in the U.K in 2016. Exercise Cygnus = 201 Reverse Ordinal, the number of "The Jesuit Order...